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Since there was no school in Kigulu Village, on the outskirts of Kampala, when Praise moved there with her 17 children in early 2012, she built a make-shift school together with the children.


We are very grateful to the Schoeck-Family-Foundation (our major donor) for their monumental investment that has made our dream of a school become a reality!

Most of our now 360+ students would not have an opportunity for an education if it wasn't for our very low-cost school that is mostly financed by donations.

Since May 2017, all of our primary classes (Primary 1 to Primary 7) are getting taught in our beautiful new school building, which was a requirement of the Ministry of Education.

And since May 2018, our pre-school children are also enjoying a beautiful new and safe building.

The children and all of us are very excited about our new school!

They can study so much better in a safe and beautiful environment! 

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