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Future Projects


Praise has a big vision. She would like to make education beyond primary school available - particularly in order to give disadvantaged children an opportunity for a bright future. But first, we are targeting the realisation of the following projects, which are a requirement from the ministry of Education for our school:


While the Nursery has some basic play-equipment, the Primary School doesn't. 


We really need a playground!



It is a requirement for each school to have a sports field where children can play football, netball and other sports.

It is our hope and desire to purchase land close to the school for this purpose.


Both the preschool and the primary school are required to have a brick wall around the school premises. This is for the security of the children. The chain-link fence around our primary school is sadly not safe enough and also continually threatened to be stolen (there have been multiple attempts already and the fence around the preschool did get stolen and there is currently no fencing at all).


See photo below for the primary school grounds with boarding school facilities:

243487711_333937878529872_1554864908844099093_n (1)_edited.jpg
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