Our International Team

We all work together harmoniously in a team, each one in our respected areas of responsibility. Our board members and all staff and teachers of the school are also an integral part of our team.

Praise and Moses Namisi

Since Praise founded the NGO "Youth Achievers International" in 2010, she has been the dynamic, visionary executive director of what is now called "Maisha Africa'. She is also a loving mother for her 40 once-orphaned children.

Moses is leading Maisha Africa together with Praise since January 2016. His studies in administration and experience with Compassion International make him the ideal director of operations for Maisha Africa. He is also a fantastic Daddy for their children.

Isabel and Richard Betts

Isabel and Richard have been missionaries with YWAM for 30+ years. While Richard is working full-time job at the moment, he enriches the ministry through his wisdom and advice. Isabel supports indigenous initiatives in Uganda that care for orphaned and vulnerable children and widows. Since mid-2013, Isabel has been leading Maisha Africa together with Praise.

Isabel strengthens the ministry through mentoring, communication, fund-raising and oversees the finances with the help of John Liu.

She is originally from Germany and has been based in Tauranga, New Zealand, with her family since 2005, working under YWAM Furnace NZ.

Jewel Anita

Jewel Anita (USA) is our greatly valued consultant. Involved in missions since 1987, she has been trained and worked together with people like Steve Corbett, co-author of the book 'When Helping Hurts".

Through her training and extensive international work-experience for a US-based charity, she enriches the ministry with her enormous knowledge, experience and wisdom in wholistic ccommunity development and conducts trainings in Transformational Development.

Jewel Anita has been on staff with YWAM Furnace NZ in Tauranga, New Zealand, since 2013. 

John and Katja Liu

John is a highly qualified chartered accountant with many years of international experience. He grew up in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and has been a close friend and co-worker of the Betts-family since 1990.

He oversees the accounting and financial accountability of Maisha Africa and strengthens the ministry with his advice and wisdom.

His German wife, Katja, supports the ministry in prayer. John and Katja have been working with YWAM for many years and are based in Tauranga, New Zealand, since April 2015, working with YWAM Furnace NZ.



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