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About Praise

Born under difficult circumstances

Praise Namisi (maiden name Nalubwama) was born in December of 1986 as the 7th child to her 22-year-old mother. Her father was killed by a jealous uncle before she was born and the family was chased away from their home and property. 


Najjalwambi, "Child of sorrow” (her original name) had a very challenging childhood. She mostly had to fight for her own survival, but at least found shelter at ther grandmother's, together with 24 siblings/cousins, most of whom had lost their parents to AIDS.

The start of working with street children

When Praise was 14, her grandmother died and she was now completely on her own. A couple took her in, until she started reaching out to street children at age 15. Thus, her work with orphans and vulnerable children began.


She tried to make a living through Gospel Music while she was trying to finance her own way through school. Yet, it became more and more challenging to care for the needs of her growing number of children and she was often close to giving up.


After training to become an AIDS-counselor, she got invited by many schools and youth groups to speak to young people about abstinence. A song that she wrote on that subject, became popular in the country and is being played on the radio even today. 


With deep humility, she quietly and un-dramatically embodies the gift of her new name "Praise". In January 2014, Praise married Moses. In February 2019, God blessed them with biological twins.Today, she and her husband Moses care for over 30 children directly, indirectly support 30 more, alongside their widowed mothers and run a school with close to 400 vulnerable children.

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