The Need

Children become orphans when parents die from preventable and treatable diseases. People silently suffer in their huts for lack of available health care.

This is the cruel reality of the impoverished village where Maisha Africa works. More than half the population are children.


The next clinic is 6km away and besides motorcycles (boda-bodas), there is no public transport. It becomes particularly challenging at night and during the rainy season to transport sick people to the next clinic or the hospital, which is between 1 and 2 hours away, depending on traffic.


100,000 Ugandans die of malaria each year. They have the highest rate of transmission in the world for malaria, due to isolation and lack of medical facilities and medications. Other common diseases include HIV/Aids, parasites, respiratory conditions and diarrhea. 

Our Hope

Our hope is to help establish a medical clinic to supply the necessary treatments to Kigulu village, Wakiso District, and the surrounding villages and making medicine available at reduced cost.

Our Plan

Initially, we are planning on hiring 2 nurses, a clinical officer and lab technician full time with weekly services from a medical doctor (this is the standard staffing per the Ugandan Ministry of Health standards).


The minimum required funding needed for the set-up and running for the first year is NZ$57,000 which is funding health-care for over 5,000 people.

We currently have NZ$2,300 towards this goal.

We plan for the clinic to be self-sustaining within 3-5 years.

Contact us for a full project proposal.

We have found this rental

for the clinic.

This boy was close to dying due to malnourishment and malaria when Praise rushed him to the hospital.  


Many children don't have adequate food nor medical care.




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