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Medical Fund

The Need

Children become orphans when parents die from preventable and treatable diseases. People silently suffer in their huts for lack of available health care.

This is the cruel reality of the impoverished village where Maisha Africa works, where more than half the population are children.


Around 100,000 Ugandans die of malaria each year. They have the highest rate of transmission in the world for malaria, due to isolation and lack of medical facilities and medications. Other common diseases include HIV/Aids, parasites, respiratory conditions and diarrhea. 

The next clinic is 6km away and except for motorcycles, there is no public transport. It becomes particularly challenging at night and during the rainy season to transport sick people to that clinic or to the hospital, which is between 1 and 2 hours away, depending on traffic.

And when people arrive at the government hospital, they are usually only treated when money is paid up-front. People are literally left to die, if money isn't available.

Our Hope

For years, we have had a vision to establish a medical clinic in our community.

However, it has become increasingly clear that the best way we can help the most destitute is through transporting them to a clinic or a hospital, where they will receive the needed treatment.

So many cases occur at night or during the weekend, when a small clinic would be closed. And frequently, surgeries and other interventions are needed which a small clinic also wouldn't be able to provide.

We can help most efficiently if we


1. provide transport to where people can receive treatment and

2. pay for it, when necessary.

Ideally, we would like to hire a nurse who can provide the community with health-related education to prevent a lot of medical emergencies.

The nurse would also be able to provide in-home care for those who need it.

We will be able to start this as soon as we have committed monthly gifts to cover for the salary.

The way it works

The medical fund will be disbursed in a case by case scenario.

Transport to a medical facility will be given in any case where the sick person cannot get there any other way.

If there is ANY other way for the treatment to be financed, this will be explored. Only in cases where no funds can be sourced locally, would we then step in to pay for treatment.

Whenever possible, this will be a joint decision between our team on the ground and the international team to ensure best practice and use of funds.

If you would like to invest into this fund with a one-time or recurring donation (preferred), please give in the usual way and send us a message to let us know of your designation. If you would like to know specifically how your donation was used, let us know and we'll be glad to inform you.

This boy was close to dying due to malnourishment and malaria when Praise rushed him to the hospital.  


Many children don't have adequate food nor medical care.



Maternal health during pregnancy and childbirth is close to our hearts.

Uganda's maternal mortality ratio stands at 343 per 100,000 births, compared to 9 in New Zealand.

We have already financed several emergency C-sections and saved mothers' lives.

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