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Orphans in Families

We love children and want to give a future and a hope to orphaned, abandoned and needy children.


It is a proven fact that children thrive best in families. No child wants to grow up with the stigma of being an 'orphan". Belonging to a family provides children with a sense of stability, identity and belonging. Children who grow up in institutions oftentimes find it challenging to live successful lives. Though it might be necessary at times for children to be in a home, this should not be a permanent solution.


Since Praise and Moses' family is quite large, we are trying to identify extended family members who might be able to take some of the children into their families. This can be a lenghty and complicated process but so worth it in the end! Many have already found homes in Ugandan foster/adoptive homes.


We receive regular request to take on more children. Oftentimes, these children are not full orphans but their caregivers just don't see a way to care for them or provide them with an education. Instead of taking on these children, we endeavour to support these vulnerable families and empower them so that they can keep their children.


See Holistic Community Development. 

The children love each other like siblings, even though they are not related by blood.

Moses is a wonderful Daddy for the children! Here, he spent a whole afternoon with one of the children who didn't want to go swimming during a (rare) outing to the swimmming pool. He even treated her to a face painting!

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