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Do you want to invest in changing the lives and futures of Africa's orphans and vulnerable children?


Financial support of our projects, prayer support and pen-pal programs are all ways you can join our ministry.

Each way can make a difference in our children's lives.


While we don't offer sponsorships with individual children, we are happy to connect you with a child in a pen-pal relationship. This could provide more of a personal touch with our ministry, if you would like that. 


There would be an exchange of 1-2 letters per year between you and your pen-pal.


Please contact us for more details.


We are looking for Project-Pals who are excited with us about the difference we can make TOGETHER in the lives of the vulnerable children, families and communities we serve.


Project-Pals decide the amount of their one-off or monthly donation and receive regular emails that will keep them updated with the progress of the different projects.


Examples of our costs:


  • NZ$20/US$15 will allow a child to attend our school for one month.

  • NZ$50/US$40 will feed a child a simple lunch while at school every school-day of the year.

  • NZ$160/US$120 covers the average monthly salary for one of our 13 teachers/teacher aides.

  • NZ$1,300/US$900 will feed our family with 40 children and all the staff living on site for 1 month.


If you want your donation to be designated for a specific project, please let us know. Otherwise, your gifts will be put to use in the area of the greatest need. For information on how to donate, please click the DONATE button.

For any questions, please push the button below to contact us.


We are looking for prayer-partners who will intercede with us for specific needs.

Please sign by clicking on the button below.


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