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Holistic Community Development

Children are not Islands!


We want to invest holistically into families and communities. When marriages and families are strong and healthy and when they have adequate means to care for their needs, children will also benefit.


Isn't it shocking that 85% of children in Ugandan orphanages still have one living parent?


Many children get abandoned because of poverty and hopelessness. Others escape from homes due to abuse and neglect.


It is our goal to empower the people we work with so that they can improve their families' lives as well as their own lives on all levels.


We have started to teach the "Truth Centered Transformation"  program in the Christian church that Praise started. This model of community development has known astounding success in developing communities. We are grateful for specialists in this field who are helping us.


Church members - joined by others from the community - have already inititated the cleaning up of the village well, improved the road with their bare hands and built homes for the most needy amongst them. 

Empowerment through a change in THINKING!

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