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Praise found many children similarly to this little one. 

This was the self-made make-shift 'home' of this girl and her sister, before they were rescued by Praise. 

Praise in New Zealand with her ''adoptive' parents Rich and Isabel

From challenging beginnings to great influence

When Praise was almost 15, she saw a suffering boy on the street when she came home from school one day. She had compassion on him and tried to find a place to stay for him. She finally found a young man who was willing to provide housing for the 9-year-old Stephen. Praise was to be responsible for taking care of all of his other needs.

Praise secretly fed him out of the back window of the place where she was staying for 2 years. After some time, other street-children joined Stephen and when it became known that she was feeding these children, she had to leave that home. She then moved from place to place with Stephen and his friends. 

Stephen is now a delightful young man who is reaching out to needy children and wants to become a pastor.

By the age of 18, Praise was caring for 8 street-children. She made a humble living with Gospel-Music and they often experienced God's supernatural provision while struggling to survive.


In 2010, Praise founded "Youth Achievers International". Today, this Ugandan NGO is the legal covering for all of Maisha Africa's activities.


In February 2012, she moved from Kampala to the village of Kigulu with her then 17 children. Since there was no school in the area, she and the children built a make-shift school that now provides low cost/free education for 360+ children.















Praise and Isabel met and connected in Uganda in 2011. In 2012, Isabel started investing into the ministry. By the end of 2012, Praise asked Isabel to become her mum, which she gladly did.


In 2013, Praise did a 3-month training course in New Zealand.

During this time, their relationship deepened further and by the time Praise went back to Uganda, she asked Isabel to help her lead the ministry (from her home in New Zealand).


Praise has rescued well over 60 needy children. Many have been placed with relatives or have been adopted/fostered by Ugandan families.


Praise got married to Moses in 2014 and together, they presently care for 40 once orphaned children and lead Maisha Africa.

Stephen with Praise and Isabel

Highly motiated children helped

build their school!

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