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Scholarship Fund

Education doesn't change the world.
Education changes people.
And people change the world.
Paulo Freire

When children grow up

They may not be the cute little ones, but these teens of ours need help so that their full potential can be achieved.

And trust us, potential they have!

They are amazing young people with touching stories, big hearts, dreams and varying gifts that need developing.

Currently, 22 of them are attending secondary schools and in the coming years, others will follow.

The cost

The cost to send a child to a secondary day-school comes to NZ$1,500/US$1,000 per year. This is a huge ongoing challenge for us and we need partners who believe that investing into education is a worthwhile cause.

If we could find partners who would commit to giving $10, $25, $50 or more a month, the combined donations would enable us to keep the children in the photos (and othersto join them later) in school!

 Can you help?

How it works

YOU decide the monthly, yearly or one-time amount you would like to invest into our teens. And then we pay their school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials, school lunches, exam fees and any other education-related expense from the scholarship fund as needed.

You receive our regular ministry emails and a special yearly electronic letter with news and photos of the teens.

In order to facilitate the administrative process, we will not assign a specific child to you.

You may, however, become a pen-pal with one of them, if you wish. See our pen-pal programme.

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