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About Moses

Challenging childhood

Moses also had really rough start in life. His mother died when he was only 8 months old and his father died when he was 6. Along with his step-mother and -siblings, he was chased away from the family home and had to fend for himself. He moved from place to place and was taken in by a number of families who pitied him and/or needed someone to work for them. His life was that of an orphan and child-slave, with unspeakable hardship and suffering.

At the age of 13, a Christian woman reached out to him with the tangible Gospel and from then on, his life took a turn for the better. When he was 16, he reconnected with his step-mother, who helped him through his secondary and university studies.


The start of working with vulnerable children

One day, when he was around 11, he was looking for something edible in a rubbish pit after not having eaten for one week. Considering his hopeless state, he broke down crying and promised God that if He was real and was going to save him from his pitiful plight, he would in turn help other needy children.

Isn't it fascinating that Praise experienced the exact same situation and made the same promise at around the same age? Only many years later, God brought them together over their shared passion for helping needy children and they got married in January of 2014.

After getting a degree in public administration, Moses worked for Compassion International for 4 years, where he also pursued further studies in child development. He was only very reluctantly released from his position at Compassion, where he was highly valued, to join Praise in running Maisha Africa.



He was brave enough to marry a woman with 40 children and take them on as his own. He is a very caring and thoughtful father to the children and complements Praise in the running of the ministry with his administrative skills. In February 2019, God blessed him and Praise with biological twins.

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