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About us

These children have not always laughed like this!

  • Worldwide there are 134 million orphans.

  • Every 6 seconds, a child dies of hunger.

  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the world.


These children would also have become statistics had Praise not rescued them.

When she was only 15, she started caring for needy children. The huge challenges at times almost made her give up, yet the love of God compelled her forward as more and more children needed her help.


She has since rescued more than 60 children and now leads Maisha Africa together with her husband Moses with presently 40 children and a school.


Their life is very simple, yet LAUGHTER, SINGING and DANCING fill their home as everybody works together harmoniously.

Children belong in families!

We make every effort to allow every child to grow up in a family.


  • Whenever possible, children are reunited with relatives.

  • If that is not possible, they are integrated into a Ugandan foster- or adoptive family.

  • Vulnerable families are strengthened to enable them to keep caring for their children.

  • The community is developing wholistically so that no child needs to grow up as an orphan.

  • Financial self-sufficiency is our goal

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