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The start of our 'together-story'

If you're curious about how Praise and I found each other, why don't you read this blogpost on my personal blog? It's about the time when Praise and I first met in September 2011.

Even though the first DAY that we met was on the day this blog-post was written,

a few days earlier.

It's the beginning of our journey together and includes a link to a previous blog-post which I wrote about her in June 2010 - before ever meeting her in person.



Our relationship was definitely a match made in heaven:



different people

different colours

different continents

different upbringings

But the SAME HEART - for orphans and vulnerable children - and God!

Feel free to visit my blog and scroll through the pages if you want to know more about how our relationship developed and what makes us

very unique 'soul-mates'

an unusual mother-daughter pair and

partners in crime - oops - ministry.

There's a bunch of other posts about family and other people, too, that you'll have to navigate through.

It is, after all, my personal blog.

You are most welcome to browse!

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